Coors Light FPT Classic

The 2014 Coors Light Future Pro Tour season may be over, but the excitement and anticipation, will surely linger on for the next few months as anglers in both northern and central regions prepare for their final challenge – the Coors Light Future Pro Tour Classic Championship, which will be held March 6th, 7th, and 8th of 2015, on Clear Lake.

Considered by many to be one of the top three best lakes in the United States for big bass, Clear Lake, has proven time and again that its reputation for that moniker is well deserved, as in last year’s Coors Light Future Pro Tour Classic Championship, it took over 90 pounds for 15-fish to win the event and over 85 pounds to make it into the top five!

This event will truly be the “big show” as only 84 qualifying teams will make their way to Lake County’s finest Hotel Casino Resort – Robinson Rancheria, at the best “big fish” catching time of the year, to be part of the most prestigious amateur level bass fishing championship in the west, and battle for the keys to a new Ranger Z118 boat powered by an Evinrude ETec 150, Minnkota, and Humminbird electronics, and valued at nearly $40,000.

Even more important than the grand prize – to some, is the coveted Future Pro Tour Classic title, that carries with it the pride of accomplishment, and the “bragging rights” that will last any angler a lifetime.

“It’s certainly a title I was hoping to add to my resume before I was required to move up to the next level”, noted 2-time FLW co-angler champion Roy Desmangles, who participated for many years in FPT competition. Competing against a talented field of anglers in a “big show” environment is what all of us – that really want to test our skills, live for”, he added.

Adding to the challenge, is the fact that this championship event will be held in a 3-day "FLW style" elimination format, where only the top 15 will remain to attend a press conference presented by Coors Light on Saturday evening, and then compete on Sunday, the final day of the event.

So get ready Classic qualifiers….nothing is settled...we still have a champion to crown! Rest up though the holiday season and be ready…as we still have one more to go!

Congratulations Classic qualifiers….We'll see you in March!

2014 Coors Light Future Pro Tour Classic Qualifiers are as follows:


1 Frazier/Souza - (Anglers of the Year) 2 Soriano/Soriano 3 DeKelva/Azevedo - (Navionics Cup Champions) 4 Burke/Maddex 5 Kunz/Albidrez 6 Clawson/Clawson 7 Loya/Guillen 8 French/Hein - (Rookies of the Year) 9 Harbinson/Warnock 10 Markarian/Ford 11 Ochoa/Sanchez 11 Choffel/Fieber 13 Jackson/Cox 13 Oliver/Bertolotti 15 Bretz/Verna 16 Watts/Carswell 17 Riggs/Riggs (FFP) 18 Rush/Trimble 19 Pester/Weaver 20 Gomez Mark/Gomez Ruben 20 Cervelli/Astone 22 Paminto/Dortch 23 Johnson/Killingsworth 24 Gomez Mike/Gomez Victor 24 Barse/Crawford 25 King/King (Wild Card) 26 Rock/Bagnu (Wild Card) 27 Lahman/Callahan (Wild Card)


1 Nelson/Koregalos - (AOY/NAV Cup Champions) 2 Dibble/Garmenson 3 Peirson/Urling* (Future Future Pro Champion) 4 Peirson/Ladner 5 McElroy/Sanders 6 Burkett/Langley 7 Wilson/Cross 8 Coelho/Baumgarte 9 Wallace/Wallace 10 O'Neil/Alvardo 11 Waddington/Kornegay 12 Mendenhall/Dassonville – (Rookies of the Year) 13 Austin/Gamez 14 Ono/Stodghill 15 Gee/Ortiz 16 Moore/Hartman 17 Guerini/Wright 18 Palmer/Palmer 19 Harvey/Sleek 20 Gomes/Gomes 21 McSwain/DiPerna 22 Paez/Estrada 23 Bonanno/Martin 24 Mastre/Allen 25 Pors/Brazelton 26 Adams/Cowley 27 Paez/Paez 28 Sena/Jose 29 Masters/Smith 30 Sturtevant/Otterness 31 Harmon/Markham 32 Hill/Hill 33 Walker/Johnsrud 34 Saecheao/Saecheao 35 Collier/King 35 Lopez,Phil/Lopez,Pam 37 Brown/Colston 38 Periera/Robinson 38 Jones/Hernandez 40 Sanders/Sanders 41 Mead/Iorio 42 Lemke/Dexter 43 Collard/Bixler 44 Zinda/Zinda 45 Boundy/Boundy 46 Myers/Myers 47 Everhart/Cole 48 Otsuka/Cunningham 49 Vingom 50 Ho/Loung 51 Swithenbank/Swithenbank - (Wild Card) 52 Boykin/Boykin - (Wild Card) 53 Ivaldi/Ivaldi - (Wild Card) 54 Shambre/Kelsch - (Wild Card) 56 Guyse/Keating - (Wild Card) 57 Sharp/Sharp – (Small boat Division - AOY)

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