FishAssist Casts Off

After a year in the making went live in December last year. FishAssist was created to help anglers and fishing enthusiasts find the most productive lakes, rivers and saltwater destinations nationwide.

This new tool provides the ability to search by species, zip code, city and state thus providing access to information about the best surrounding waters. was developed specifically to change the “where do I fish” experience by eliminating guess work and research time. The site has received attention from fishermen, top pro’s across all circuits, key writers for popular fishing magazines and guides across the country.

Founders Robert Zambrana and Bob Przybyslawski consulted with other web business, and many in the the fishing industry, to address an area which lacked attention. “It was amazing to us that there really was no reliable resource to help plan trips, find hot lakes and locate specific species” said co-founder Bob Przybyslawski. Other sites simply listed every lake in a specific state and provided very basic information like depth and acreage.

Co-founder Robert Zambrana explains “We took a very different approach and did months of research on the best lakes for all species of fish and then hired a writer to organize the information into a fun and usable format”. This accompanied by the fun to use navigation wheel makes for hours of enjoyment to our users.

Users have expressed gratitude as the site has helped them identify new and interesting lakes to fish or take a family vacation. In addition to locating the best waters, there are numerous articles, interviews and tips from the pros. Visit and see what others are talking about. About FishAssist:

FishAssist was born out of necessity for both the experienced and novice fishermen to easily and reliably find productive waters, plan interesting new excursions and simply learn about lakes both near and far from home.

Our goal was simple. Create a website which is both fun to visit and provides valuable information. FishAssist allows you to research the top fishing destinations nationwide, find proven guides & nearby lodging options and helps you plan your next successful fishing trip.

Whether you are traveling 15 minutes of 15 hours from home we hope you will enjoy FishAssist.

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