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Brush hogs, beavers, tubes, flukes, creatures, grubs, worms, stick baits….. It’s endless. There are hundreds of colors, sizes, styles and features of each of the lures listed, but I know every angler reading this article has hit the water and not had the right plastic for the job.

Just a few years back, Elite Series professional John Crews found himself with such a dilemma. Without a main plastics sponsor John used his well-known name, hardworking attitude and drive to create Missile baits and fill his needs on the Elites, as well as offer some very unique baits to the scene.

With an idea in his head and paper at his side, Crews was able to sketch out baits and hit the floor running through his previous R & D work with Spro lures. John’s experience on the Elite Series has taught him a lot of things, having something unique to show the fish is key to setting yourself apart on the leader board. With his knowledge of bass behavior and the necessity to show the fish something different, Crews was able to create baits that fish have never seen before. Lures like the D-Bomb, with its odd, yet memorizing undulating action or the drop craw that has changed the way anglers approach pressured lakes with a dropshot.

Most of the lures designed by Crews have something in common. They are based on staple baits of the past that he knows work, but with new twist. Case in point was the 2012 Power Pole Slam on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee. Missile baits had only been out a few months and most had never heard of them. Yet, Missile baits pro Ish Monroe was able to crack the 100 pound mark by showing those highly pressured bass something they had never seen before and just like that Missile baits was a house hold name.

So how do you get a plastic just right where you know it’s going to bring in a sack of a lifetime? Research and development is the key. Taking the time to work out any kinks in the design, finding the right color combinations and putting time in on the water are obvious, but where does it start? The first step to any R&D is the idea. At Missile Baits taking tried and true baits and making them unique was a main thought to the company’s start.

Missile Baits is lucky enough to have some big names on their team to work on their R&D. Of course the owner and creator John Crews is the main inspiration, but with big names like Ish Monroe and Chad Morgenthaler, you can be confident that these baits work. One unique feature that all Missile Baits carry is their color patterns. Their best seller, Superbug, is the best of both worlds. “Black and blue works everywhere, green pumpkin works everywhere, so we say superbug works everywhere-EVERYWHERE.” With the simple approach Missile Baits uses to design plastics they are making the most common sense baits better and push them to the next level.

As stated above, time on the water with the plastics was crucial to make sure these plastics were poured, colored and built correctly. Crews spent the majority of a year using these baits on the Elite Series before releasing anything to the public. The mission statement of the company is simple and speaks to how Crews sees his company helping the industry as a whole.

“Missile Baits is a small company dedicated to creating SERIOUS soft plastic baits to help anglers catch more fish. Our designs are straight off the top-level professional bass tour. Each of our baits is unique and tested to make sure they are just right. Missile Baits works relentlessly to make the best baits, show their customer how to use them and stay on the cutting edge of bass fishing.”

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