Rhian Brewington

112 Pound Catfish Caught in North Carolina

North Carolina man catches 112 pound catifsh from the Cape Fear River

The Fishing Wire - Riahn Brewington from Wilmington, North Carolina, shares a photo of his epic catfish catch.

It was hook, line and sinker — literally — for a man who went out fishing over Thanksgiving.

Equipped with only a small rod, Wilmington, North Carolina, resident Riahn Brewington struggled as he tried to pull out a fish from Cape Fear River last week.

He caught a catfish, but not just any catfish: a giant catfish that weighed more than 112 pounds.

The bloated fish was bigger than the top half of Brewington's body.

Brewington couldn't believe his eyes, and neither could his friends when the fisherman posted his prized catch on Facebook.


Riahn Brewington

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