FLW Pro Anthony Gagliardi Signs with LIVETARGET

LIVETARGET announces that it has enhanced its Pro Staff team with the addition of FLW Tour pro and exceptional angler Anthony Gagliardi to a promotional sponsorship agreement.

Gary Abernethy, Marketing Manager at LIVETARGET commented on the addition of Anthony Gaglairdi to the LIVETARGET team: “Anthony is a highly proven angler with 17 years of experience at the pro level and both an FLW Angler of the Year and Forrest Wood Cup titles to his credit. We’ve talked to Anthony over the years, and with our ongoing growth at LIVETARGET, it was the right time to add Anthony onto our team.”

Abernethy continued, “Anthony gives LIVETARGET another marquee, veteran Pro Staff angler who is adept at many techniques and fisheries, and thus is a great match for LIVETARGET and our over 750+ lure models. Anthony really excels at Swimbait techniques and we look for him to become a leader in techniques and tips for using the new Swimbait Series of lures introduced this past July at ICAST. We also like the fact that he is involved with the selling side of the tackle industry via his rod brand Level that he operates. Gagliardi will be able to effectively coach anglers on what rod actions and types work best with specific techniques and applications for all the LIVETARGET lure products.”

Gagliaridi commented on what he likes about the LIVETARGET brand; “I’ve been looking at LIVETARGET for a good while and as a Tour angler we face conditions that require a full portfolio of lure products to match the forage types and fisheries we visit in a season and LIVETARGET definitely has that depth of product line. I’m so impressed with their degree of detail in lures and unique offerings that I look forward to using them for the over the full fishing season. The new Swimbait Series has some very unique and appealing designs.”

In addition to Gagliardi, the current roster of LIVETARGET Pro Staff includes: Dave Mercer host of Facts of Fishing; Patrick Campeau, Canadian journalist and author; Henry Waszczuk host of Fishing the Flats; Jason South host of Florida Adventure Quest, Chip Leer of Fishing the Wildside, two Bassmaster Elite Pros, Stephen Browning and David Walker, and fellow FLW Tour Pros Todd Auten and Jeremy Lawyer.

See ProStaff content online at: http://www.livetargetlures.com/livetarget-pros

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