New FireFan App Will Change How You Watch Sports

FireFan is a brand new app that allows you to play along with your favorite sporting events...and it's really fun!

You gotta download this new game called FireFan. We’ve all played those crazy games on our phones that involve slingshotting chickens through the air or color coordinating falling balls. Those apps are fun for a red hot minute, but they don’t appeal to sports fans, you can’t play against each other and you definitely can’t play during your favorite football game! That’s where FireFan is different. There has never been a game like FireFan. It is free to play, and allows you to compete in real time against your friends and family that are on the couch next to you and the ones that are deployed halfway around the world. You can even compete against current and retired players and celebrities! While we’re all hanging out on Sunday watching the game on TV, we can be FireFans and play while we watch!


A Better Way

FireFan all started with the idea “What if there was a better way to play?” Fantasy sports are dying because they’re time consuming and they lack the immediate social component. With FireFan you can play instantly, without needing to be a sports expert. Anyone, any age, can be a player. FireFan also allows you to focus on YOUR team, so basically I get to rake in the points from the Vikings while my boy Brian Robison does the sack dance all over the Dallas Cowgirls. Yeah that’s right.

Bragging Rights

Ladies, how many times have you called that fumble before it happened only to look across the room with that “I told you so stare”. Guys how many times have you had to say “We would’ve won if it wasn’t for (blank).” Now you can put all your athletic brilliance to good use and be the Superstar on gameday that you have always known you were. How silly they were to have ever doubted you… FireFan is exciting, humorous, and totally casual. You can just pick up and play whenever you want, as much as you want. So you get to decide if you’re the MVP or a part-time player.

How does it work?

The first step is to download FireFan and become a player. Then you choose if you want to play a single game or join a league. You predict the scores, call the plays, predict a fumble, call a penalty. Do everything you do as a fan on the couch driving your team to greatness! You’ll earn points in every game, and acquire lifetime achievement points as you earn badges, rewards, and advance in rank. Anyone can play FireFan for free and earn tokens to unlock different ingame features. And it’s not just for football fans. Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Basketball, and many more will be available in the same app! If you’re a sports fan you’re gonna love this app! Click here to download the app today and use the code CHEERNOW to get 12 free tokens!

EDITORS NOTE: Though the initial application is going to focus on the major sports (football, basketball, hockey), there is already plans for a fishing section of the application. This would allow Bassmaster Live fans to follow and play along in real time! Top Stories