Breaking Down GIANT Squarebill Cranks

Bass have big mouths for a eat BIG meals! Seth Duffy breaks down the setup you need to fish giant sqaurebill crankbaits.

Ask any veteran angler and they will tell you that big baits catch big fish. That phrase couldn’t be more true. The big bait craze is all the rage in bass fishing today. Bass fishermen are hitting the water with lures that just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. So it only makes sense that the tried and true classics would keep up with today’s demands for oversized baits. Case in point – squarebill crankbaits.

Brands like 6th Sense, Strike King, and Lucky Craft are just a few of the companies out there that have produced a series of oversized squarebills. Make no mistake about it, these baits are big. Most of them are in the 1 to 2 oz. range and are 4 inches or longer in length. For reference, your standard “1.5” size squarebill is around 2.25 inches long and weighs in at 3/8oz. So as you can imagine, throwing these type of baits is going to require the proper rod and line to handle it. Your standard rod that you’re throwing your 1.5 squarebills on isn’t going to cut it here.


For throwing large crankbaits like this, I would recommend something like the Dobyn’s Champion 805CB or 806 CB. You want a rod stout enough to handle heavy lures during the cast and during the retrieve. As for the reel, you’re going to want a reel with a slower gear ratio so that it makes bringing that lure in less work than it needs to be. I would go with a 5:1 ratio reel ideally, or a 6:1 ratio at the fastest. Using a ratio any faster than that is going to make it feel like you’re dragging in a concrete bag through the water, and because these lures are so big, you’re going to be able to sling them a country mile when casting them, so make sure you have a reel with a deep spool on it. As for line, you’re going to want to beef up on that as well. I’d use at least 14 pound test and up to 20 or 25 pound test depending on what structure you’re fishing around. Obviously, thinner line will help a crankbait dive deeper, so plan accordingly there as well.


One big bonus of these oversized squarebills is their versatility in terms of depth. Most standard sized squarebills limit you to only covering the top three or four feet of the water column. If you’re fishing shallower water, use something like the Lucky Craft CBDS-6 or SKT Magnum 105. Those two baits still run in the three to five foot depth depending on your line size. While standard squarebills are popular for running in that three to four foot range, where these magnum sized squarebills really shine is at deeper depths. Because the bills on these baits are much larger than a normal squarebill, they will dive deeper and allow you to fish a squarebill in places that the fish aren’t used to seeing a squarebill. Lures like the Strike King KVD 8.0 Magnum and the 6th Sense Cloud 9 Magnum will get down to the seven foot range and allow you to fish deeper structure than you normally would with a standard squarebill crankbait. If you really want to get down deep and show that kicker fish something he hasn’t seen, a bait like the Lucky Craft SKT Magnum 110 will dive down to around 14 feet. So if you’ve ever wanted to crash a squarebill over an old roadbed, or up a deep, rocky ledge, this bait is for you.

The big bait craze is all the rage right now and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, now is the time. Guys all over the country are catching monster bass on these big baits. Pick up some oversized squarebills and I’m sure you’ll be culling out those small fish in no time. Top Stories