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3 Tips to Rigging the Z-Man TRD TubeZ

Breaking down three ways to rig the Z-Man's TRD TubeZ

Brand new in 2016, Z-Man’s TRD TubeZ is a different kind of soft plastic tube bait. With a solid nose and the Z-Man patented ElaZtech technology plastic, the new TRD is perfect for unique rigging options and is practically indestructible (which is great for your pocketbook!). At 2.75” it is the right finesse size for fishing in the harder cold-water months, but will undoubtedly excel in the spring when the fish are on beds and getting territorial.

With an original design that is unique to Z-Man, the TRD TubeZ can be rigged and presented in some different ways than your standard tube. Here’s three tips for how to rig and throw this tube:

Z-Man Finesse ShroomZ Jighead

You could probably infer that Z-Man designed this tube with the ShroomZ Jighead in mind. The “Ned Rig” as it’s called, has become an absolute money-maker for thousands of anglers around the country. They may not want the secret out, but if you’re not using this simple system, you’re missing out.

It’s really basic. Take the flat-headed ShroomZ jighead, stick the hook point through the top of the head about a ¼ inch and bring the hook point out the side. Super simple. Cast it out and let it go to the bottom and bring it back to the boat in small little hops, pausing and letting it sit still for varying periods of time. That’s it!

Non-Weighted Offset Tube Hook

With the benefit of the solid nose, the TRD TubeZ can be fished with a regular offset, wide-gap hook in a traditional Texas-Rig style. This allows you to throw this tube completely weightless for that slow, enticing fall that is critical for getting fish to bite, particularly in the wintertime when bass want to watch a bait for a while before they eat it. This requires light line, 6 pound test or less to handle the ultra finesse approach.

A standard wide gap offset hook in around a 1/0 size is a perfect pair for this bait. The wide gap allows for the hook to penetrate the plastic, while also getting the hook point through the fish’s mouth.

Traditional Texas-Rig with a Bullet Weight

The first two options excel in open water and deep water, fishing rocks, ledges and walls. Although they can be used in other applications, if you’re fishing shallow water, brush and heavier structure, you’re going to want to rig this bait like you would a traditional Texas-rigged soft plastic. Slide a small bullet weight up your line (size depends on the cover you’re fishing), rig your TRD TubeZ with the hook mentioned above and bury the hook point back into the plastic (to make it weedless) and flip this around anywhere that fish hangout.

Try pegging your weight for more control of the bait and better feel when you’re fishing. This allows a direct connection between you and your  TubeZ and cuts down on missed strikes. Top Stories