NEW PRODUCT - Fishing with the Lunkerhunt Link Topwater Bait

The Lunkerhunt Link is one of the most talked about new topwater baits on the market. Find out why it's turning so many heads!

Introducing new products to the market is one of the ways that Lucky Tackle Box is blowing away the competition and turning heads in the industry. It gives LTB subscribers an opportunity to try out new baits right when (or even before) they can be purchased in stores or online.

The Lunkerhunt Link is a great example of one of these brand new products. Back in August, the product was previewed at ICAST and its release has been highly anticipated. This bait can have the action of a traditional walking bait, but that’s where the comparisons stop. It’s truly in a category all its own.

A NEW Kind of Profile

Profile is everything when it comes to topwater fishing. When a fish decides to blow up the surface chasing after a meal, it does so because it senses the movement with its lateral line, but also because it sees the profile as something familiar and vulnerable. The Lunkerhunt Link has a unique jointed section, which looks like you tied two small “spooks” or walking baits together. This creates a profile that can imitate everything from two baitfish chasing each other on the surface to something more slithery, like a snake.

To take advantage of these two profiles, Lunkerhunt has even designed it with two distinct color patterns. A baitfish version, with traditional threadfin and gizzard shad type schemes, and a snake pattern that features a scaly print with names like Black Mamba and Grass Snake.

It is also available in two sizes. A 1/4oz that’s 4.5 inches long and a 5/8oz that’s 6.75 inches long. This gives some versatility depending on the size of the baitfish on the lake or even switching to the bigger version to mimic the snakes that come around in the heat of the summer.

Derek Young / Fishhound Magazine

A NEW Kind of Presentation

With the inclusion of a hinged joint in the middle, held together with a reinforced internal stringer for added durability, the Link is the only bait Lunon the market that delivers this type of unique back-and-forth action.

You can “walk-the-dog” with a slower approach that is similar to other topwater walking techniques, however it offers multiple other options as well. You can burn it back to you, giving the Link a serpentine action (hence the snake paint jobs) and attract some VICIOUS strikes from active bass. It is an awesome way to cover a lot of water quickly.

Since it was created to float high with a hydrodynamic design, the Link makes any presentation easy to replicate. Since it has the appearance of two baitfish chasing each other, try mimicking an erratic, intermittent retrieve with your rod tip to make it dance side-to-side. Particularly, if you see schooling baitfish in the area, as bass will sit underneath these schools and wait for prey to leave the rest of the pack.

Spring is the PERFECT time to get on the water with the Lunkerhunt Link and start catching fish. If the product testing, preview videos and hype is any indicator…you won’t be disappointed! Top Stories