Meet New NAF Contributor David Brown

The common misconception about my career path is that I'm a fisherman who likes to write. Actually, a writer who likes to fish is a better fit.

I'm a career communicator and sport fishing is my primary subject area because fooling things with fins has long been a personal passion of mine. In truth, I spend much more time in front of a laptop or behind a camera than I do casting and reeling because, for me, the work comes first.

I go at it from that angle because that's what I want to share with the world; the artful and insightful blend of education and entertainment.

Exciting, adventurous and otherwise cool stories are great, but I'm most satisfied when folks can learn something.

It's the "Oh really," rather than the "Oh yeah" that makes me feel like I'm doing my job respectably.

I'll try to bring that detail-rich approach to my blogs; if for no other reason than my own insatiable thirst for knowledge. I just can't stand to not know how something works. I won't tell you that I can do it all with precision and efficiency, but I do enjoy the mental digestion of facts and applications.

I'm not sure this will matter to anyone besides my mother, but the boss told me to drop in some career stuff, so I'll keep it brief. I was actually freelancing for the Tampa Tribune while earning my B.A. in Journalism from the University of South Florida. Since that 1989 graduation, I've been blessed to have seen a professional writing career grow to include a broad spectrum of magazine, web and marketing communications work, along with a photography component yielding multiple cover images on national, state and regional publications.

I've contributed words and images to several book projects, ghost wrote and published FISH SMART-CATCH MORE! for Capt. Bill Miller of World Fishing Network's "Fishing with Bill Miller" and recently wrote the book/DVD project, Sportsman's Best: Surf Fishing, published in December by Florida Sportsman.

I enjoy fishing as much as I do catching fish and that includes all the strategy, theories, ambiance and occasional humor that seasons this soup.

That being said, my job is not about fishing—it's about studying, analyzing and describing the sport. Of course, I also fish—relevance requires participation and I never miss the chance to bend a rod. But, I consider myself a student of the sport, rather than its master.

That, I believe, is what keeps the fire burning—that perpetual quest for a deeper understanding of the how and why of this sport.

I'll try to infuse my notes on fishing with insight and perspective that'll help you better enjoy your time on or near the water. Blogging's a great way to do this because I, the writer, don't have to overload you, the reader, with a ton of information.

We can just take this in small, manageable bites and maybe we'll both learn something along the way.

Let me know how we do. Input from all sources fuels the educational process.

Good fishing.

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