Get Organized

Fishing's supposed be fun, but don't let the sport's inherently relaxed nature catch you ill-prepared to capitalize on the occasional moments of opportunity.

Some might tell you that they'd rather be lucky than good, but look at it this way: Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

Crappie pro Dan Dannenmueller embodies this principle by not only spending several hours at a time tying new tight-line rigs; he's also emphatic about maintaining quick access to his arsenal.

Perhaps he needs to experiment with various jig colors. Maybe he had to break off a rig snagged in a brush pile. And then, of course, those pesky hybrid bass seem to delight in wrecking as many of your rigs as they can.

Dannenmueller keeps himself ready for all of the day's needs—expected or not—by loading his creations of line, weights and hooks into Rig Raps. These plastic boxes include interior slotted frames around which to wrap those unwieldy rigs for secure placement.

Snapping several rows of filled Rig Raps into the quick release slots of coordinating trays, which stack neatly in the boat's storage, keeps them standing vertically for easy access.

It's one thing to hit the water with great optimism; it's quite another to do so properly prepared for the success you seek.

Lucky or good? What's your way?

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