Stay Comfy On The Ice

Last week we talked about how advantageous a flasher/GPS unit can be for ice fishing. I'm sure some guys are still going to say, "but I can't afford it". Most of us could be confused by Champaign taste on a beer budget, but at some point it has to be just stubbornness. Just about anyone that has wet a line has purchased a pile of lures that rarely see water. Imagine the wasted dollars.

This week a slight warm up and a few days of eye blinding sunshine made for a pool out of the melted snow.

A couple of my fishing buddies have been wearing an insulated zip coveralls for longer than I have been walking and talking. It was this week however that they weren't giving me any grief about my Ice Armor suit. Literally soaked to the bone, it cut their day short, and I stayed comfy!

Much like the advancements in flasher and sonar technology clothes have also become lighter, drier and more feature-packed than in years past. My Ice Armor suit has padding in the knees and butt that make sitting on a bucket or kneeling around a hole much more comfortable and drier come day's end. Tack on the endless amounts of pockets and other features designed with a fisherman in mind and you can't go wrong.

The new Ice Armor Lift Suit is even designed to keep you above water in the case you break through—it could save your life!

Unlike that pile of lures you rarely use, your foul weather gear is something that goes on almost every trip. Think about upgrading to a little nice gear, heck you can use it to go skiing or, more realistically, continue to shovel the endless snow that those of us in the North are getting.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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