Powerful Jig Trailer Options

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Cabelas Spring Great Outdoor Days event at the Owatonna, Minnesota location and give a seminar. I always enjoy doing these for several reasons: 1. I get to talk fishing and look at tackle 2. I get to share my passion for fishing and 3. I get to talk fishing with some great people!

One of the questions that I was asked was in regards to which jig trailer I prefer and why? This is a pertinent question to address because using a jig for bass is a solid presentation anywhere in the country, especially during the spring.

The easy answer is, any plastic bait can be threaded onto a jig hook and be used as a trailer. When I'm flipping a jig, the three main trailer choices I prefer are below and when they'll get used:

1. Chunks: Great choice when fishing early in the year when the water temperatures are below 50 degrees. I'll start out with a Zoom Super Chunk because it gives my jig a bigger profile which is key to enticing a big spring bite, especially in stained water. If the water is clearer and the bass need some more finessing, I'll down size to the Super Chunk Jr. using a more streamlined trailer like this is also a great choice when punching your through heavy vegetation.

2.Craws: As the water temperatures begin to creep above 50 degrees, anglers can shed cold-weather layers—finally!—and jig trailers can become more aggressive. The largemouths' activity level has increased and the fish are far more willing to chase down food. Choosing a bait with appendages that undulate beneath the surface is ideal, such as a Zoom UltraVibe Speed Craw.

3. Grubs: When you're dragging a jig, whether it's a flipping or football head jig, the main objective is to keep it in contact with the bottom. To accomplish this a compact trailer like a double tailed grub that will draw attention, even with subtly imparted actions. As spring progresses I being fishing a swim jig with single-tail grub has become the standard trailer.

In just 26 days, I'll be heading south to Oklahoma's Grand Lake for my first tournament of the year. To say I'm excited is an understatement. Over the next few blogs, I'll detail my boat, truck and tackle preparation process—I learn something new every time!

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