Go Lipless During The Prespawn

Bass fishing has many traps to avoid—running aground on shallow flats, hidden boulders in the tailrace, falling water in a tidal fishery. But there's one trap you should run to, not away from, during the prespawn period—lipless crankbaits like the Rat-L-Trap.

For clarity, that classic Bill Lewis trade name has long been used generically, much like "Coke" for all colas and Jell-O for gelatin desserts. The general category of lipless crankbaits is actually pretty broad, with entries such as the Strike King Redeye Shad, Xcalibur XR50 and Spro Aruku Shad offering options, and many more.

Nevertheless, there's no denying the productive potential for this shimmering bait that relies on the flattened head, rather than a bill (lip) for its aquadynamics.

My Texas bass buddy Phil Marks calls the rapid succession of lipless casts "machine gunning." Truly, this is a bait perfectly made for covering water and finding those big mama bass that'll be staging on the last points of structure prior to flooding the spawning grounds.

Traps are well suited for the hydrilla beds choking the drains and ditches leading into those soon-to-be maternity wards. Buzzing the edges is good, but if you really want to see something fierce—let your bait fall into the grass and rip it free with a sharp motion. Simulating a fleeing crawfish or shad often triggers super-aggressive reaction bites.

Fluorocarbon line helps you bait sink; and make sure your hooks are sharp so your trap traps the fish. Fish on!

KVD On Prespawn Bass

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