Plastic Storage: On And Off The Water

In a follow-up to last week's blog, I get a lot of questions regarding how to store plastics. Because of their price point and wide array of shapes, colors and sizes, anglers—especially bass fisherman—fill their tackle boxes and bags with as many plastics as possible.

This certainly isn't a major problem, but by jamming plastics into your tackle box or boat storage compartment, minor issues may arise. First, some plastics, like swimbaits, can have their action altered because the tail may become bent.

Second, by having so many plastic options at your disposal, your decision making process can become swayed by focusing too much on baits and not fish activity.

Lastly, plastics are heavy and carrying all that extra weight in the boat can alter the ride.

In my Ranger, I'll keep the plastics I know I'll be using in Plano 3701 Stowaways. I feel this is the perfect size case for my plastics. I can fit anywhere from eight to 12 baits in each divided section. This is about the amount of baits I'll need when practicing for a tournament, or out for a fun day on the water.

When I get a pattern isolated on a specific lure, or one that I know I'll be going through more frequently, like Zoom Super Chunk's on my jigs, I'll have a few extra bags on hand.

I'll try to keep types of plastic organized in their own case, such as a case for chunks, lizards or tubes, etc.

Likewise, I'll do this same thing when organizing the plastics I keep in my truck as I travel from tournament to tournament. I use a combination of large open Plano Stowaways and bags.

To see my storage system in detail check out the video below. Be sure to watch the entire video as there is information regarding a giveaway at the end.

With above freezing temps all week here in Minnesota, Spring is getting closer each and every day. So get your plastics in check for the year now so you'll be ready for that first fishing trip.

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