Get A Grip!

I'm a gear guru, I won't deny it! I love testing new products out and expanding my experience into new items that seem like they may reshape the industry. Rods and reels are no exception. In today's rapidly advancing technological age, there are rods for every application and reels to suit. I like that!

However, it can be difficult to decipher exactly which rod maker, or which specific rod will best apply to how and where you fish. Go with what works best for you. My advice? Take it or leave it! But, if you get a chance to put your hands on these new Cabela's Tournament ZX Bass Casting Rods, I think you'll just HAVE to get a few.

They come in seven different casting models and various lengths and actions: Jerkbait/Topwater, Frog, Spinnerbait/Swim Jig, Jig & Worm, Swimbait/Umbrella Rig, Crankbait and Flippin. While I really believe there is ample room for presentation crossover here, the crank rod is my favorite—Smooth City! Each retails for $99, which is actually a pretty dang good deal for a technique-specific rod.

There are three spinning models: A Shaky Head, Worm and Drop Shot. Lengths range from 6 feet, 10 inches to 7-foot, 1-inch. These also retail for $99.

But, the best feature on these rods is the grip. The easiest thing to compare them to is a golf club handle. At first I wasn't sure if I would like it, especially since I have an unfortunate history of sweating like a horse. I thought these would make my hands sweat. Not at all.

In fact, I found this type of grip surprisingly comfortable and is probable the best feature between the spinning and casting rod options. I love them!

Of course, these cool rods aren't complete without a matching reel, yes? The perfect marriage is ordained with Cabela's Verano baitcasing reels—available in both left- and right-handed models. They retail for $149.99 and come in two gear ratios: 5.4:1 and 7.3:1. Again, hailing from Smooooth City.

The Cabela's Verano spinning reel retails for the same price, but come in three sizes: 2000, 2500 and 3000.

I think these rods and reels are worth a bit of attention this year. I've managed to sneak three of them past my wife so far, so maybe I'll get lucky and find a way to complete the whole set!

Check em out!

Pretty, aren't they? Baitcasters come in both right- and left-handed models and two speeds: 5.4 and a 7.3.

The spinning reels are equally as smooth and nicely compliment the spinning rods. Available in three sizes, a 2000, 2500 and 3000—all reels retail for $149.99

My favorite feature on the rods is the grip. The closest thing that I can easily compare them to is a golf club. Even when it's hot and your hands are sweaty, these things stick to your palm and are comfortable for hours!

Cabela's Verano baitcasters are fantastic. Match one up with a Tournament ZX technique specific rod and you'll love the combo!

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