Spankin' ‘Gills

This last week I was able to get out around home and found a good bluegill bite. I know I caught a few that were small, but none were large enough to be considered "trophy caliber". The vast majority was of that "eater" size—7 to 9 inches.

It was fun! We had moderate temps that allowed a bit if outside fishing, but the bulk of our time was spent inside the Frabill Ambush. The fishing was great, but spending time in a quality shelter like this makes it all the better.

The way these new shelters are designed make it easy to spend many long hours on the ice. Solid zippers make it easy to quickly enter and exit, and the quilted fabric keeps the heat inside—right where you need it!

This kind of fishing is just plain fun regardless of the bite. Whys that you ask? Well, you get to conquer the winter doldrums by hanging out with family and friends—in comfort! The insulated fabric that comes standard on the Frabill Ambush keeps the heat inside the shelter, and you can literally sit in bibs and a hoody at any outside temp!

While it's comfortable inside a quality shelter like Frabill's Ambush, when the weather is nice and you can fish outside, its awesome!

The fishing has been good, the comfort more than adequate, but the company and time spent with those that mean the most to us is why this winter game is so much fun!

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