The Right Electronics

There are so many ice-fishing electronics options out there, where do you start? And to be honest, there really isn't a bad option—they all seem to do a great job! This year, I'm running the Humminbird 597ci, and I have been very happy with it.

It's not a traditional flasher, but the additional options have made it a highly valuable tool that I use not only when fishing, but also as I locate the right spot to fish. In the same vein as what I use on my boat during the summer, this rig allows me to use my Navionics lake card, which is invaluable as I find the spot-on-the-spot before ever drilling a hole.

Having a single unit that does it all will make you more efficient! For me, that's the Humminbird 597ci!

I keep a couple of extra flashers on hand so that my wife and kids, or if a buddy is joining me for the day—they each enjoy having a unit at their finger tips to watch the fish rise and eat their bait.

As I spent some preliminary time on Lake Winnie, I was able to do some fishing before our event began. We located a likely fish-holding structure, which was a long underwater point that ended in a major dropoff. It looked right so we punched a few holes and set up the Frabill Ambush. Within seconds after dropping my jig to the bottom, a few "lines" began to show up and chase my bait. Suddenly, I felt my line tension go up and I knew it was time to bring home the bacon!

I believe the 597ci, complete with mapping capabilities has made me more efficient at not only catching fish, but also at locating them quickly. Something else to consider!

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