Lake X

Boy, we've been fighting some tough weather in the North Country this year. It's been below zero more than it has been above… It makes the fishing difficult due to reduced activity, but it also makes sticking it out even more difficult. But, if you want to catch fish through an eight-inch hole, you need to do just that—stick it out.

After a long week, I was finally able to meet up with a couple buddies and fish my legendary "Lake X." I found this place years ago, and have yet to fish it in the winter, so when the stars aligned and a trip north was possible, I got excited!

After drilling a few holes and checking depths with my Humminbird 597ci, we put up the Frabill Ambush and went to work! After a few hours we had managed 50-plus fish with the bulk of them being 8- and 9-inch bluegills. But the kicker was the 5-pound bass that came on a 4-inch shiner beneath a Frabill thermal tip up.

Jim Edlund caught this 5-pound bass on a shiner that was suspended beneath a Frabill Thermal Tip Up.

Take It To The Bank
Being new at this ice fishing game puts me at a disadvantage, but leaning on my softwater knowledge has served me well, but after a day of slamming over 100 fishy, one might assume it's easy. Rest assured, it's not, but it's sure fun!

Catching hefty bass through the ice on 2-pound line is a thrill that is unmatched!

Each time I hit the ice this year, I'm learning more about the lake I'm fishing. More, in fact, than I'd learn from the front deck of my boat. This game ain't easy! But, it's sure a lot of fun!

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