Drop It When They're Hot

Bed fishing—a spring bass tradition that offers great opportunity for trophy catches, but often demands innovative tactics for cantankerous fish. Example: dropshots.

Generally considered a finesse technique for deeper scenarios, dropshotting does exactly what you want a bed-fishing bait to do—hold right in that nesting area and irritate a bass into biting the persistent intruder.

A few points to consider:

Strike Quickly: When non-committal fish are just nipping at the bait, the narrow window of opportunity demands a quick hook set. That's when soft body baits like the Strike King KVD Dream Shot benefit this game by allowing you to easily pull a hook through the bait for quicker penetration.

To Sink or Float: Denser plastics, particularly those salt-impregnated baits models are going to sink, but simply holding a dropshot rig taught pulls that bait off the bottom and keeps that bogie blinking on the radar. (Option here is to work the bait low or high.)

Conversely, floating baits like a Kicker Fish Hole Shot worm will hold itself up in the water.

Heavy Thoughts
For optimal efficiency, savvy bed fishermen tend to go a little heavier on dropshot weights for the presentation accuracy (often through tight quarters when fish bed amid vegetation and/or woody cover) and quick fall rates.

Here's a tip for weight adjustments: Run the tag end of the dropshot leader through a slip sinker and add a split shot below. This enables you to quickly adjust the bait's height off the bottom by simply moving the slip sinker up or down and securing it with the split shot.

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