Get Your Toads On!

As fisherman we all know the importance of sun protection. Do we follow the proper precautions? I would say five out of 10 people take proper precautions. Sun protection apparel is the ‘in' style anyways, so it's easier than lathering up—leaves little room for excuses.

In 2012 Tailin' Toads was founded by a wonderful woman named, Manny Altman—her story is heart wrenching, raw and inspirational. We take for granted how real skin cancer is until it's too late. Manny knows first-hand the physical and emotional damage skin cancer can cause and works diligently to protect those around her.

When I was introduced to Tailin' Toads, the fingerless gloves were the first to be addressed. Product is available to protect my entire body, except my hands. Having fingerless gloves is a huge game changer for people who hold a rod all day. Whether I'm throwing a baitcaster or spinning rod, I'm able to hold the rod comfortably. There is no sweaty-finger slippage on the reel seat, setting the hook isn't altered and lipping fish most certainly hasn't changed—which were actually some of my initial thoughts and concerns.

Tailin' Toads offers: Fingerless gloves, face shieldz, rod/reel covers, paddle covers, microfiber hats, and performance shirts. The fingerless gloves, face shieldz and performance shirts offer you SPF 50+ UV protection from the sun.

Manny will always go the extra mile for anyone concerned with protecting themselves from the sun's harmful rays by custom ordering just about anything. Tailin' Toads is all ‘Made In America', much of which Manny personally produced out of her home.

As the summer is quickly approaching, think about your safety and protection. I want you on the water as long as your body allows. The more we protect ourselves now the more fishing time we'll have later—what could possibly be better?

Don't forget if you have any questions or suggestions, please visit and give me a shout!

Get Out & Fish!


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