How Far Will You For A Giant?

Fisherman are people, and people like different things. I really enjoy targeting trophy fish and live in a place where it is more feasible than almost anywhere else in the country. Due to that fact alone, I get a many calls from anglers trying to get a fish over 10 pounds, or maybe just to beat their Personal Best.

Anglers are quick to tell me that they are willing to fish a few days for a couple bites in order to target a true giant. More often than not, after a few hours of no bites they make it clear that catching fish becomes more important than targeting trophies.

Maybe this is why so many of the trophy or record fish are caught by anglers not targeting that specific species. The accepted world record walleye was caught by an angler who was catfishing and the Ohio record walleye while perch fishing … Makes you wonder.

This makes me think of some of the deer hunters I know that get up early, spending a ton of time prepping, spending money on leases only to let deer after deer walk by. Some not pulling a trigger or flinging an arrow for years—fanatical trophy hunters. I respect that!

Only thing I can tell you that after catching more than a 1,000 walleyes over ten pounds—you have to do things differently if you want to catch big ones on a regular basis. Consider and apply all the factors, but especially learning the habits of the big fish—they are a different creature altogether.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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