Mosquito Lagoon Gator Trout

Ah, yes … I finally had the opportunity to get on the water—just me, myself and I.

I had one of those weeks of madness where you're needed in eight different places, seemingly all at the same time. But, there is only one of you. So, Sunday evening following an event, I headed straight home and packed up for a day of fishing on Monday.

I was so cranked up and on this ridiculous fishing high, I decided to make the two-hour drive that night. I arrived at Mosquito Lagoon around 2 a.m. with just enough time to catch a few hours of sleep.

Waking up at the ramp was undoubtedly the greatest decision I made all week. I'm all about waking up in my truck, parked in the woods and brushing my teeth while dodging mosquitoes. Although I made this trip to Mosquito Lagoon in search of redfish, that isn't want I found.

I had a 3-mile pedal to my favorite flat, but as it always seems to go, the wind was working against me, but, that didn't stop me!

Once on the Lagoon a little wind will actually works in your favor causing a slight ripple on the water, which will act as camouflage. One of the ways I prefer to fish flats is by paddling up wind and drifting back. Monday was exactly that, especially since the wind was blowing well over 10-knots with 15+ gusts.

As I was fancasting a Gambler Flapp'n Shad, I caught a trout—completely unexpected! My initial thought was, "Dangit! I'm out here for reds!" But, I reminded myself, "It's Monday and you're fishing, shush."

As my eyes are constantly scanning the water searching for cruising reds, I cast into a sand pocket, where "Troutzilla" was waiting … hungry. This fish clobbered my presentation, but I didn't realized how large and in charge this trout was until he came up for a water-throttling headshake.

I don't mind catching trout if it means, the fish are 25-plus inches. Since I clearly couldn't find the redfish and the wind had picked up dramatically, I moved into deeper water where I could use my pedals. As I drifted across the flat, I focused on sand pockets only that produced 18 trout and to the heartbreaking loss of another giant gator trout. But, it's all good, I was fishing on a Monday after all!

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