Poetry In Motion

Color is a key factor in catching crappies, but other visual clues count, too. One that is often overlooked by the masses is subtleties in motion.

"Many people make the mistake of not moving the jig correctly," says crappie guide Barry Morrow. "They pop it up and down, up and down. But it's important to remember that you're imitating live bait, and real minnows don't simply pop up and down all day.

Instead, Morrow gives his jigs the soft touch.

"Keep it subtle," he says. "Think of how minnows swim in an aquarium. Their movements are rather calm and subtle, with a twitch or a dart now and then."

One of Morrow's favorite cadences imitates a dying minnow.

"Let the jig hang head up, tail down, then shake it a little and stop it dead in the water. Repeat, throwing in a twitch now and then. Crappies can't resist it. But remember; never move the jig more than an inch or two. It's all very low-key."

To maximize subtle motions, Morrow uses a loop knot to tether his jig to the line.

"This lets the jig ‘float' along with a more natural motion," he explains.

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