Tie Down Your Fishing Gear With Ease

I was introduced to this Nite Ize three years ago; the first item to catch my eye was their ‘Gear Ties'. Now they have become an essential part of my fishing life.

Ask any kayak angler and they'd all agree that there are many different factors which we're up against. Our space is always limited; our tools are constantly immersed in water and weight and portability are always playing a roll.

My kayak weighs 75 pounds dry, now add all my tackle plus my kayaking tools, a small cooler and weight quickly adds up—space becomes limited. Keeping everything condensed and out of the way until needed is critical to my fishing success.

My favorite Gear Tie use has been used to temporarily fasten my GoPro stick mount to where it can ‘see' each event as it unfolds. I struggled with finding something I could use to mount the stick to the side of a crate because it needs to be removable after every trip.

This entire set up allows me to capture those exciting moments that become lifetime memories. The Nite Ize tie-downs and other components are a kayaker's best friend. If you fish from a small boat or need to keep any specific pieces of gear stationary, I suggest taking a look at these things—they'll work for you, I promise!

See Gear Ties in action in the video below.

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