Rod Holders Do More Than You Think

On a very regular basis I see boats that aren't set up for success. When trolling for walleyes, like I do on a daily basis, you need to be set up to hold rods, keep them out of the way and have back-up places to hold rods when clearing lines.

While this seems basic, you would be surprised how many people don't have their boats set up to even be able to open the storage compartments on their boats without needing to remove the rod butts in over to get enough clearance to fully open them.

I use a track system made by Bert's Custom Tackle because it allows me complete versatility, switching from a muskie setup one day, to walleyes the next, to completely removing them to tube the next. This allows you to switch your preference without spending more money and drilling and filling more holes.

The type of rod holder you use can actually change how your lures run. I prefer Bert's Swivel Trees for most of my trolling because they keep my lines off the water all the way form the boat to the planer board. This keeps the line from getting grabbed by a wave, which basically is like dropping the lure off a bridge.

The reduced surge they provide will ensure your lures get only the action you intend them to have. This will also allow you at the same time to turn without tangling and run your lures out farther with no fear of issues.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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