Spring Bait Collection

This is the time of year when live baitfish fuel the engine of Florida's inshore and coastal fishing. In my home waters of west central Florida, threadfin herring ("greenbacks") and scaled sardines ("whitebait" or "pilchards") dominate the scene with great appeal to snook, trout, redfish, cobia, sharks and mackerel (king and Spanish).

Two main methods for catching these livies at gold-hook "sabiki" rigs or cast netting. If the latter option intimidates you, that's probably because you're trying to learn a method that's too complicated and/or strenuous.

Tampa Bay charter captain Billy Miller throws a castnet hundreds of time in an average year. He's a big fan of the triple load method—a net tossing technique that eliminates the need to hold a section of the lead line in your mouth (a common element of traditional castnetting).

Check out this video of Capt. Billy explaining and demonstrating the triple load method.

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