One Of Those Days: Modern Muskie Rampage

As anglers, we all have those days that we'll never forget; the kind of days where the bite was simply epic. Days like that keep us casting and pursing our love of the game.

I've been fortunate enough to have one of those days while muskie fishing several years ago. A good friend and I caught 7 fish in less than 1.5 hours before a big severe thunderstorm chased us off the lake.

Here's the short version: Three casts in I stuck a 47 incher. A few casts later Tracy sticks a 44. Again, a few more casts go by and we manage a true casting muskie double—mine measured 44 inches and Tracy's went 48. Unbelievable! Tracy went on to catch three more measuring from 43 inches down to 39.

It was amazing and I doubt I'll ever have another day like that in my life—but you can be damn sure I'm going to try!

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