Jig Trailer Options

This past weekend I had an FLW Outdoor Bass Fishing League event on the Mississippi River, and during my days prefishing, I was able catch my fish with a swim jig. But the two nights prior to the event the temperatures dropped to the low 30's, making a swim-jig bite pretty ineffective.

So I picked up a flipping jig and worked it very slowly to put together a limit that weighed 11 pounds, 11 ounces, which put me in 21st place out of 152 anglers.

When it comes to jigs, you have a vast selection of trailers to choose from. The size of plastic you select not only increases the size, but also the fall rate. The larger the trailer, the slower the jig will fall and visa versa. In stained water or if the strikes are occurring during the fall, a Zoom Super Chunk is a good choice.

Whereas if the bass are only hitting your jig as it hits the bottom or after you move it, you'll want your jig to hit bottom quicker, so a smaller chunk like the Super Chunk Jr.is a better option.

The color options for plastic baits are endless, and confusing. But, when selecting a color for a jig trailer, there are two ideologies to go with: One match the trailer to the jig and two, contrast the color of jig.

I like to match my trailer to the jig when the water is clear and the bass have more time to key in on water they are biting. Many times when this happens, I'll be using a green pumpkin jig and a green pumpkin trailer. Sometimes to give the trailer a little something extra I'll dip the tips of the plastic in chartreuse dye, this helps the bait stand out just a bit or help it resembles a bluegill or crawfish in the water.

As you look to stock up on plastics for your next fishing trip or season, be sure to cover all of your bases and have some different baits, in two sizes and several colors and you will have all your bases covered when you rig up a jig.

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