Share The Wealth

In a day and age where everyone and everything is competitive, sometimes we lose track of what's important. This week I had several "educational" guide trips where anglers hire me to help them catch fish, but mainly to learn new tactics and experience a different approach.

Having had anglers that were quick to admit they needed a lot of help, all the way to guys that have been competitive on the tournament trail is a good sign that everyone is open to learning. I often joke that sometimes the thing you can learn most is what not to do and help maintain confidence in your game.

Being open minded is often the most "right" thing to do since fish tend to change like the weather.

I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that sharing or helping other anglers helps everyone, including ourselves at some point. I'm not talking about sharing waypoints, but rather techniques, experiences and maybe just the hot color of the week. Too often we get caught up in a game of "mis-information".

When we quit being so crazy-secretive things go much better in our fishing fraternity, but for it to work we all need to play along.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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