Spring Smallies

This is a great time of year to catch big numbers of big angry smallies. But, is it a good idea to remove a guarding bronzy from a bed full of eggs?

Fishing for smallmouth bass during the spring can be one of the best bites of the year. Mainly because they are aggressively guarding their nests, which turns into angry battles on the end of your line.

Be cautious this time of year, however. Targeting these fish during the spawn could have an impact on your local waters, especially if you are dealing with any invasive species that target fish eggs. But, to that note, there is little to no biological impact to fishing during the spawn.

Regardless of when or where you fish, or what for, please practice Catch, Photo, Release. Keep what you intend to eat and let the rest go, especially the largest versions as they hold the genetics for trophy output. Pictures speak a thousand words, they say.

Here's a great bait for smallmouth!

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