Giant Spoonbill

I've always wanted to catch one of these prehistoric giants. Fortunately, I was invited on a trip to Truman Reservoir a few years ago and was able to cross this shark-like plankton feeder off my fishy bucket list.

I'm not sure I'm all that into the snagging aspect, but based on what I've learned about these fish, there really isn't another effective way to lock horns. But, what I found especially interesting is how the fish showed up on the graphs.

I was skeptical at first, but our guide said that he could determine sex of the fish that was showing up on the Lowrance screen, and I believe he could. The females were much larger "arcs" and had a belly full of colors (eggs).

What's even more interesting is he could literally call each time one of us in the back of the boat would hook up based on where the fish were appearing on his Lowrance screen.

This fish was 55 inches long and heavy… Not sure on exact weight, but it was hard to hold up for a few pictures. Cool fish!

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