Sweet Pro Angler Truck

Tournament bass pro and friend of North American Fisherman Jim Moynagh has a new ride, a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 (diesel).

He writes: "Three words.....powerful, smooth, quiet. In fact, the smoothness and quietness got me in trouble today right after I picked it up. I hadn't gone more than a few miles from FLW headquarters where I picked it up, when I noticed Johnny Law off to the side of the road. I quickly glanced at the speedo and it read 80! Oops! The posted speed limit was 60.

I then saw the squad car pull out from his perch, so I just pulled over before he even turned on his flashing lights. The truck floated so effortlessly down the highway.....wow. I'll have to be careful as I get accustomed to this new level of truck awesomeness!"

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