Slugging It Out On The Ledge!

Well after returning from Kentucky Lake, all I can say is WOW!! What an incredible learning experience it was. Aside from getting schooled on how to fish steep ledges, it was also pretty neat to witness some incredible tournament bags—it was a fun trip.

Now yes, I would've preferred one of those 20-pound-plus limits in my livewell, but it didn't turn out that way.

To put it into perspective, in order to fish the final day (top 10 anglers), you had to have just over 44 pounds, that is a 4.4-pound average per fish and the eventual winner had 75 pounds, which is a 5-pound average!

I focused on the north end of Kentucky and Barkley lakes and on Day One only managed to get four bass for just shy of 10 pounds. Plain and simple, I didn't make the needed adjustments on the water to get the schools of bigger bass to bite.

So the night before Day Two I made a key tackle adjustment, by tying on a crankbait that helped me put together a 15-pound, 10-ounce limit, which helped me climb 40 spots. Unfortunately, this didn't earn me a paycheck, but the positive results and climbing the ranks was a nice morale boost, which always helps!

The main takeaway for me was the vital importance of an angler's electronics when ledge fishing. I spent a great chunk of time staring at my electronics seeking hard-bottom areas and shell beds that typically appeared on these ledges.

I needed to spend more time looking for schools of bass, marking them and hitting as many of those locations during the tournament day as possible. Taking what I have learned, I look forward to applying that to my fishing for the rest of this summer. I can't wait to visit Kentucky Lake again!

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