Pack Your Truck Right

Pro bass angler Josh Douglas explains how he packs his truck for fishing trips or tournaments. Consider his tips and you'll spend more time fishing and less time organizing.

Traveling across the country, chasing a childhood dream of catching big bass and hoisting trophies over my head may sound like the best life imaginable to any truly die hard bass anglers out there. It’s an adventurous lifestyle and though I wouldn’t trade it for the world, there are things you learn while on the road that will make the lifestyle much more enjoyable, lessons that don’t always come easy.

One major piece of equipment is my tow vehicle and without it, I wouldn’t be able to keep all the amenities of everyday life with me--not to mention all my fishing gear. More importantly, my truck pulls my boat and where the Chevy goes, the Phoenix is never far behind.

I’ve learned to be efficient while traveling and have put together a system that works to keep my gear accessible, but also safe. Traveling bass angler’s carry a lot of money in gear and it’s important to keep it safe while on the go, yet things need to be organized and efficient to be successful. When North American Fisherman asked to do a video on what’s inside my rig, I took it as an opportunity to help other aspiring bass pros and snowbird anglers traveling south to escape another harsh winter.

I tow with a Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, as it gives me plenty of power to tow through the elements, it’s gas efficient and is comfortable for those long 15+ hour drives. My first and probably most important accessory besides my hitch of course is my Leer XQ Topper. This topper not only allows me to pack a ton of tackle, nets, spare trolling motor and oil, but it also keeps my gear safe from both theft and weather.

When it comes to the front of my truck, I try to keep everything organized and close so that I can get to whatever I need quickly at rest stops or while driving down the road. I use Supertubos luggage to carry my clothes, big rugged suitcases built to withstand the toughest elements and to carry a boatload of gear, no pun intended.

I also keep my Navionics cards, Lowrance accessories and Go Pro gear in easy to grab LSD Designs bags as these keep everything organized and safe in the boat despite the weather.

Probably my favorite truck accessory has got to be my Engel MD14 portable fridge/freezer that plugs into one of my trucks cigarette lighter socket. This one piece of equipment allows me to save money while traveling and more importantly, allows me to avoid fast food joints and eat healthier.

Check out the video to see more tricks and tips for traveling across the country, I hope these will help you do more fishing and less searching!

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