Dock Fishing

Are docks the most abundant lake structure? It's quite possible that they are on most bodies of water, but they also might be the most overlooked fish-holding element in the lake.

But, not all docks are created equal. It takes time and experimentation to determine which docks are better than others, which is half the fun. To begin your search, try to combine as many structural elements as possible. For example, when a combination of weeds, rocks or brush piles is near a particular dock, make sure you fish it!

Also, dock make-up needs to be considered. Large wooden docks are far more attractive to fish of all species than any other. The wood slowly rots over time, thus attracting the plankton, baitfish and of course, the larger predators.

If you can find a dock with these ingredients, and deep water is close by, you've likely found a hotspot! Mark it and fish it often.

For more details, pro bass angler Josh Douglas gets very detailed on his dock approach and he shares his insight with you in the video below!

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