First Muskie Of The Year

There is nothing like breaking the ice to this year's muskie season with a fish on the first day!

I fished a newer muskie lake during opener and had a tremendous time. I fished with two good friends and we had a great time tossing lumber around for giant toothy critters, and of course the personal jabbing that comes with an outing like this.

We saw 21 fish in total, a couple very nice ones, too. But, the only fish that was willing to eat was a young 29 incher. The fish ate a Firetiger 10-inch Manta by River Run Tackle. We snapped a picture and quickly released the small fish for a future battle.

This bait is a subsurface glide bait that just forces curiosity appearances. The muskies just have to get in for a closer look. It's a lot of fun.

It's also nice to start the season off with a fish, regardless of size. From here on, I'll be on muskie waters at least once a week searching for that life changer.

Can't get enough of these things!

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