Rock Bass

In my neck of the woods, we all know rock bass are bait snatchers and basically worthless. Sure they fight and they can be exciting to catch if you're just out for fun.

But, if you're targeting bass, walleyes, crappies, ‘gills and other classic game fish, these little things can often dominate your action.

Not to mention they are voracious spawners and push other fish out of their traditional bedding areas, thus too many rockies can actually hinder other species' recruitment. They're ugly and offer no food value—unless you like soft, chewy fillets.

But, they do present a good opportunity! Recently, I was out looking for small- and largemouth bass and couldn't catch any due to how many rock bass were dominating the structure. We literally couldn't keep them off our presentations. It was annoying until I realized that I had promised my kids I would take them out on a fishing adventure of their own later that afternoon.

We went out and we smoked those things. I bet each of them caught close to 15 fish, most of which were rock bass. It was some of the best fishing they had experienced and I was glad my prefishing paid off!

Moral of the story? They maybe trash to you, but they could be treasure to someone else. Fish on.

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