Match The Hatch

There are times when gaudy colors and noisy baits out-produce their natural counterparts. But, when does crisp detail and nearly perfectly matching the hatch become vital to catching fish.

The answer is simple, clear water on a flat calm day. These conditions require detail down to how finest stroke of the brush. The good news is there is a line of baits that reaches maximum detail and worked especially well for me when I put them to the test.

Kopper's LiveTarge amazingly detailed bait family gives the fish exactly what they are looking for—save the hooks.

Here's the scenario: we were smacking smallies that were bedded in a rather small area, meaning a bait in their strike zone was likely to get hit. But, cranks weren't doing the trick. I was throwing a shad-colored crankbait and they weren't even giving it a second look.

But, to test what I'd heard about these new lures, I grabbed the Baitball and lit them up! As we moved to a long rocky reef, I switched to the Crawfish, as they were abundant in the rocks and they crawled all over it. And, being a skeptic, I switched back to the shad crank and nothing… They wanted the real thing and LiveTarget delivered!

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