Locals Know Best

Always support your local shops—these are your real, raw, hard-working American fishermen. I have 6 years of selling tackle in a corporate environment under my belt, where 90 percent of my time was spent referring customers to local shops.

The corporate American's who run stores:
A: Don't fish
B: Have zero local knowledge
C: Are only concerned with numbers.

As I travel, I look most forward to meeting the men and women who work and run local tackle shops. The more I travel the more I want people to know the value behind the "Mom And Pop" stores. They're the backbone to the local fishing community.

Local shops tend to be stereotyped as expensive with limited selection. False, they've done all the work for you and narrowed your options down to the best baits for that area—typically the best baits are the most expensive. Most shops can and will make special orders for their customers; all you have to do is ask.

I haven't worked or walked into any big box store that offers rod-and-reel repair. Rod repair is fairly easy to find, but reel repair is almost a dying art. Without supporting your local shops we will lose this option.

Another important aspect behind Local shops: Most support non-profits and community involvement. From my experience it's very difficult for a corporation to get involved with the community, especially on the level that we need them. By supporting your local shop, they're able to support youth involvement, beach clean-ups, non-profits such as Coastal Conservation Association / and tournaments.

It all starts here to ensure there are fish for generations to come.

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Get Out & Fish!


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