Cast, Fish, Repeat

As we enter mid June to early July, bass are putting the feedbag on to fatten up after the strenuous spawning process. This along with the warmer temperatures and growth of vegetation means that the weedline bite is heating up!

By using your electronics and covering water you can position the boat and locate pods of bass that are grouped up tightly on these weedlines. When this pattern is hot, you can catch numerous fish off the same spot throughout the day.

To maximize your effectiveness and increase your chances of catching multiple bass, here are a few helpful tips.

  1. Once you locate an active pod of fish, toss a marker buoy out. This gives you a visual landmark and allows you to quickly get back in position after catching a fish or having to re-rig.

  2. If you are fishing shallow enough, use your shallow water anchors. Again like above this will keep you in the right spot and able to make multiple casts to the fish catching spot. With my 12-foot Minn Kota Talon's I can hold in water up to 11.5 feet of water.

  3. Provoke the strike, using a bait that you can pitch into the weeds and move to the open water. This allows you to put your bait right in the fish's face. Sometimes that may be in the open water pocket, other times if the sun is up, they'll be buried in the dense cover.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend and got to spend some time on the water with their family and take advantage of the summer bass fishing!

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