Fish Quiz: Guess This New Creature

Think you're the next KVD when it comes to bass fishing knowledge? Alright then, step up to the casting deck and tell us the name of this new creature.

Fishermen are a secretive bunch, and getting someone to tell you where (exactly) they hammered 'em or what lure they were using is something reserved for only the very best of friends. And even then you can't be 100 percent sure you're getting the straight scoop.

Well, I'm about to tell you about a soft-plastic for bass that you might want to keep under wraps (a lure wrap, that is) until you cash the next check in your local club tournament.

A former guiding buddy of mine, Jon Osowski (above), recently developed the Cheemo Creature because he wasn't satisfied with the current selection of soft-plastics for bass.

Jon's Cheemo Creature is a tad over 4 inches long and can be fished with a jig or your favorite rig (i.e. Texas, Carolina, etc.). While many soft-plastics are relatively flat, Jon's bait is Three-dimensional with a capital "T", giving bass a large, slow-falling target. I like to rig it on a one-eighth-ounce mushroom head and fish it along the deep weedline on 8-pound mono; deadly for both brown (below) and green fish.

Should you order a pack or two of The Creature because Jon is a friend of mine? Hell no. Jon is a policeman (think gang taskforce) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and he's in the lure business as a stress-relieving hobby. Jon has one bad wing thanks to a nasty battle with a bad guy, so if you ever see Jon on the water, be sure to thank him for his service. And whatever money he makes from selling lures goes straight into boat gas for his old-school Ranger 681 Fisherman.

If you want a bag of The Creature (eight per bag), you can buy them on ebay, or (speaking of old school!) submit a check or money order payable to "Cheemo Lures" and mail it to: Cheemo Lures, P.O. Box 159, Walker, MN 56484.

Cost is $4 per bag. Available colors (below, left to right): Brown Craw, Green Pumpkin, Minnesota Berry. Interested retailers and tournament bass fishermen can contact Jon (a Facebook message is best) for wholesale and bulk pricing (50-count bags).

P.S. If you really want to impress your boat partner, Jon also sells T-shirts (sizes small through 3XL) for $15. The company name is on the front of the shirt, with words below on the back.

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