Just Like "Cribs" For Bass-Heads

Remember MTV's show "Cribs"? Yeah, wasn't my favorite show either. Talk about wanton extravagance. But not all excess is a bad thing. Especially when it comes to fishing tackle.

Shot a few years ago just minutes from Lake Fork with Bass Elite pro Mark Menendez, here's a look at the private tackle room of Gerald Brown, commercial welding business owner and former rodeo star turned pro bass angler.

For bassers like us, it's nothing short of a dream man cave. Gerald has as much (if not more) pegboard space and inventory than a lot of our favorite hometown bait shops.

But he needs it. Not necessarily all for himself, though. Gerald and his lovely wife Gayla have turned the Lake Fork residence into a center of fishing fun for friends, family, fellow pros and fishing media. Like Lew's Fishing owner Lynn Reeves and bass wunderkind Andrew Upshaw, shown lounging in the vid.

And those Lake Fork essentials weren't lost on our buddy Mark Menendez. He just had to grab a few "must-haves."

And the pink rod sleeves? Gayla's. Rumor has it she wields a pretty mean pitchin' stick.

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