Q & A With Christina

Since I'm always asking for people to write me with questions or comments, I'm going to blame this week's post on the flood of people who have reached out to me for advice, (I love it by the way!).

"I want to do what you are doing, where do I start?"

Let's start with Sponsorships


It's very hard to dedicate time to each sponsor, update social media, keep up with each specific need, and attend events for each one—on top of your daily life. Some companies require more and some just want to hear from you twice a year.

For me, I don't know if I even want to work for someone who only talks to me once a year. I like to be involved and work on the front lines as much as possible. Don't get me wrong product and support is great, but ultimately that's not what I'm after.

Stay on top of social media, but don't kill people with the same bologna day in and day out. Thank your sponsors, but don't be dramatic about it " Man, I wouldn't have ever in my entire life caught this fish if it wasn't XYZ Lure, Rod, Reel and Line. So proud to be part of their Pro-Staff."

Take it easy!

That isn't real life at all! Raw emotion and excitement is what real fisherman want to see and hear. Excitement isn't structured and raw excitement on the boat when there's a big fish on, DEFINITLY isn't structured.

Those moments become a cluster in that single second when a big bass surfaces. You can promote and be proud without losing yourself.

I want to help where I can, especially with folks pursuing their dreams. There is much more involved of course, but sharing a little at a time can help tremendously.

Don't forget if you have any questions or suggestions, please visit ChristinaWeberFishing.com and give me a shout!

Get Out & Fish!


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