Hit The Bottle To Bust Bass In Slop

Prime weedbeds are hotbeds of summertime bass activity. And not just the perimeters. Weed-choked shallows far from the edge hold fish, too.

In fact, I've found countless bass over five pounds lurking under the canopy in 10 inches of water or less. Of course, accessing these sweet spots can be challenging, especially when you have to cross 100 yards of heavy salad to reach them.

Don't let thick vegetation stand in your way. For starters, rig your bow with a gutsy trolling motor with weed-whacking prop. I run a Minn Kota Fortrex and can't say enough about its ability to power through the thickest slop.

Another trick to blazing a trail to the promised land is using an empty plastic bottle to hold the lower unit out of harm's way. In heavy weeds, I raise the trolling motor a foot or so out of the water and slide an empty 1-liter plastic bottle inside the mounting bracket, then lower the motor on top of the bottle. This keeps the lower unit up, so it can push the weeds down without them wrapping around it.

Keep in mind you don't want to get too close to skinny-water bass. Even in thick weeds, the fish are skittish. I stop a long cast away from the drop zone, shut down my electronics, and keep all noise to a minimum.

Once the boat is where I want it, I use my Minn Kota Talon shallow-water anchor to hold my position. It's worth nothing that the Talon's Soft Bottom Mode is perfect for mucky goop. It taps bottom just once, to avoid burying the spike too deeply. Securely anchored in place, I can thoroughly dissect every inch of the salad bar in front of me, without drifting too close to the fish.

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