Green Bay Walleyes With Brett

Green Bay expert guide Brett Alexander knows world-class walleyes.

Admittedly, I'm not a walleye guy. I love fishing for whatever is biting, but I focus my personal pursuits on bass and muskies. However, I love a good challenge and especially when that means learning a new tactic.

While I was putting tight radius in the new Ugly Stik Elites, I had the chance to fish with renowned Green Bay guide, Brett Alexander of Alexander's Sport Fishing.

Walleyes are predators, Brett knows this and has found an exciting method for catching giant walleyes—fish in the 10- to 13-pound range with regularity. And, without livebait. While most walleye anglers are downsizing, he is going big for the monsters—and winning!

The technique is simple, find a reef with water crashing into it, back off about a cast length and toss a large 1-ounce swim bait jig head matched with a Berkley PowerBait Rib Shad.

Remove the first inch or so of the plastic bait and thread it on the jig, hook exposed. Make a long cast and work it along the bottom. Alexander notes that it's important to move the bait with your arm rather than your wrist as it will produce a swimming action meant to replicate that of a goby. The wrist action tends to "jig" it more and you'll not get bit as much.

While spending time in the boat with him that day, I was a little irritated that I couldn't connect with a fish to justify this new technique I had learned. Brett hammered three fish over 30 inches—truly world-class walleyes.

With the cameras rolling, I managed to hook up with a stocky fish and capitalized on the first-class education I had been receiving all day. It was a dandy 30-inch fish that likely weighed near 10 pounds, (we didn't weigh it, but she definitely had shoulders!)

Give this a try next time you're on big waters targeting big predators—it'll work for sure! And, if you're looking for a phenomenal trip to Green Bay, look Brett Alexander up, you'll be on the fish—guaranteed!

The video is in the editing process right now. Stay tuned for a tremendous Green Bay adventure!

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