Quick Innovative Fix

When mistakes get made on the water, the angler who quickly adapts keeps on catching the fish.

I made a pretty stupid mistake lately—surprised? My wife's not… But, I digress…

I ran the cable for my Humminbird 998 on the front deck of my boat through the landing bracket on my Minn Kota Fortrex. Well, the continual deploy/stow movement actually severed my transducer cable and left my front unit temporarily incapacitated.

Let me restate, this is no fault of the manufacturer, rather my own ignorant negligence. Don't do that, trust me!

I ordered the replacement components, but the parts weren't going to arrive overnight, and I had to fish! What was I going to do?

As I was sitting in the passenger seat of my Ranger trying to figure this out—aside from internally scolding myself for being such a tool—I had a revelation!

I had a Humminbird 597 CIHD Combo sitting in my garage—this is my go-to ice fishing unit. What makes it valuable to ice fishermen is the Lakemaster mapping component as well as additional viewing options. It really improved my ice fishing this year.

I also recalled having ordered an additional soft-water transducer for the 597 and I knew that I had discovered the solution until my new 998 transducer was shipped. It took literally 5 minutes of rigging and I had the same crucial water information, Lakemaster contour mapping right where I needed it. I was back in business!

The screen is a bit smaller, but for a temporary fix to my stupidity, I was pretty impressed with myself—and Humminbird for providing anglers with a myriad of options for both hard and soft water anglers.

The moral of the story? Think outside the box and stay creative. If you run into a roadblock, chances are good a simple solution might be sitting on a shelf in your garage, you just gotta stay flexible! That and don't run your transducer cable through the trolling motor bracket—just sayin'.

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