Summer Bassin’ Options Abound

During summer there are lots of ways to catch good numbers of big fish.

If you like variety, this is a great time to be a bass fan. Over the recent Fourth of July weekend in north-central Minnesota, we found the fish settling into their summer patterns, offering opportunities from shallow shoreline cover to deep weeds.

Such diversity lets you play to your strong suits, whether you’re competing in a tournament or simply looking to relax for a few hours matching wits with your favorite quarry. Everything from skinny water frogging to deep cranking and jigging is fair game as the summer peak progresses.

However, this abundance of productive patterns also gives us a chance to challenge ourselves to grow as anglers. Rather than getting stuck in a rut and fishing the same go-to tactics on a handful of our favorite lakes, it’s a great time to explore new fisheries and presentations.

For example, I’m putting a new Humminbird 360 Imaging Bow Mount unit through its paces. I’ve long been a fan of the company’s sonar and GPS systems, and regularly use Side Imaging to spot everything from suspended smallmouths to subtle structural elements other electronics miss. But with 360’s ability to paint a picture of everything within 150 feet of the boat, plus tweak sweeps and settings, this a new and exciting tool I look forwarding to mastering in the near future.

Whether it’s testing new waters, learning a new fishing technique, or pushing yourself to master some kind of gear that can help you catch more bass, raising the bar in your fishing game is a great way to make yourself a better angler. And there’s no better time to do it than during the good old summertime.

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