Picachos Bound

Not much is cooler than getting to fish the future El Salto for big bass!

We’ve all got a bucket list of fishing destinations. Being a muskie nut, I live for the day I get to fish Lac Seul or return to Lake of the Woods. The bass fanatic in me has always wanted to fish Lake Fork, Amistad and of course Mexico’s famed El Salto.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to cross a few of those off my list—with hopes to return again someday in the future. El Salto was offered once, but I had to decline, regrettably, due to other obligations, but a new opportunity was dropped in my lap a little over a month ago and its one that I simply will not miss—come hell or high water!

Lake Picachos is a new Mexican bass lake that is destined to become the “New El Salto”. With enough time for the bass to mature—some reaching modest double digits—the chance at numerous fish over 6 pounds each day is very high.

Littered with abundant flooded timber, this lake is sure to impress any bass angler, and I simply cannot wait to get there. I leave early Tuesday morning and will do my best to post updates daily.

I did want to share what I packed based on some first-hand experience via other anglers I know.

Big plastics play in Mexico. I have a Plano XL loaded with lots of PowerBait and Havoc, plus many other options to cover the need for big worms and creatures. I also packed some of Tommy Biffle’s Biffle Bugs and the unique jig heads that are built for this presentation. If I find a deep rock pile, you can bet I’ll be dragging this rig across it looking for deep giants.

Crankbaits is another category I feel I have adequately covered with numerous Rapala DT-16s, 10s and 6s, Bomber Fat Free Shad cranks in numerous depth-reaching models and I made sure to pack a few Storm Warts and Arashi cranks as well.

I also have a quality collection of spinnerbaits and topwaters that seem to dominate the most action on El Salto. With tilapia being the dominant forage base, I went with traditional bluegill patterns, but word is greens and chartreuses garner tremendous attention as well.

I managed to pack all of this into under a dozen boxes, which I’m sure is too much. But, we’ll see by tomorrow afternoon.

I’m beyond excited to sample this new lake. I plan on shooting some video, but above all else, expect updates during and after!

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