Get The Picture

Get the picture now so you can relive the experience later!

Summer’s awash in fish-catching opportunities, but when you look back 10 years from now, what will you have to show for it? In other words, are you capturing your catches and other precious memories on the water for future enjoyment, if not posterity?

It’s ironic that in a day when social media channels are all but overrun with images of happy anglers, few of those pictures will be around in years to come. While digital cameras and smartphones make it infinitely easy to snap piles of fishing pix, the concepts of shooting high-quality images at resolutions large enough for future printing, and then saving them somewhere safe, are largely overlooked.

As a result, when the day comes you’d like to put together an old-fashioned photo album, or perhaps your friends and family would like to stroll down memory lane, there’s precious little to work with.

To capture fishing memories for generations to enjoy, take the time to snap a few high-quality shots each trip. First off, always shoot at the highest quality setting. Next, pay attention to the surroundings, the subject and the fish. Review the shot before calling it a wrap. And if someone is taking your picture, ask to see it before releasing the fish. If it’s not an image you’ll be proud to share and hang on your wall, request a do-over.

Once the trip is over, save the photos to your computer hard drive or file-saving device, and be sure to back them up on a second device or flash drive. It’s also smart to have photos printed ASAP, so there’s no chance for them to be lost or destroyed. That way, your fishing adventures will be captured for years to come.

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